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Some stuff of our own

Inspired by sociology, creativity, design and technology, we have put together some fast solutions generator processes delivering innovative thinking and collaborative execution.

The Smasher

We have built a process based on iteration: workshopping, hypothesising, prototyping and designing our way towards a solution together with the client.

  • The Smasher is a structured series of strategic and creative sprints that move us from a question to an answer as quickly as possible.
  • Its duration depends on the client problem and on its ability and availability to get involved. We can do it the fast way (One week - 10 days more or less) or the “cool” way (which lasts 4 weeks at a maximum).
  • This means that working with us is more involved than traditional agency process would be. Meeting with us means you will have to work and do stuff with us. But don’t worry, there will be passion, fun and results.
  • At the end of the Smasher, we deliver a blueprint. This contains strategy, a creative idea, outline executions and a business model.


(Minimum Viable Brand)

We are an idea accelerator that helps startups and other entrepreneurial projects to achieve focus and scalability through the brand.

We give agile brand know-how to startups and project developpers using our Minimum Viable Brand approach. The Minimum Viable Brand by La Colmena provides an alternative to a complete, comprehensive brand platform. With a MVB, startups and project developpers expend only enough time, effort, and money to develop an initial brand concept that starts to guide their organization, refine their value proposition and engage their users.

We have worked with startups, incubators and accelerators in Brussels (Espace La Colmena), Lima (Wayra & Swisscontact EP project), Madrid (SEKLab) and Malaga.


(with our beloved partner Plug & Go)

We turn clients’ places into lasting brands and inspiring spaces, focusing on every detail from concept to Launch Strategy and Implementation.

  • Concept:
    We are at the heart of cultural trend and tackle the research and immersion needed to help refine and develop a concept. Services include: research, trend forecasting, ideation, messaging.
  • Visual Identity:
    At every level, La Colmena works with clients to build a uniquely resounding visual identity. Services include: naming, logo design, website design, packaging.
  • Interior Design:

    La Colmena translates your vision into interiors that are aesthetically inviting and inspiring. We work with our partner (Plug & Go) and you to outline your dream schematic, then source materials from tiles to chairs and beyond. We can also have custom furniture & lighting built wherever required. Services include: design schematic & development, art consulting, furniture procurement, custom lighting & furniture.

  • Program Curation:
    From there we curate programs & events that support & grow your brand. Services include: content & events curation, partners & talents casting.
  • Launch Strategy and Implementation:
    A holistic approach that allows a brand’s seed to grow organically. This starts with strong messaging and proper planning. Services include: planning, communications consulting, social media strategy.


(with our beloved partner Plug & Go)

With our partner Plug & Go, we transform workspaces into powerful brand-tools where space and corporate culture make a whole. We lead our clients towards higher performance, motivation and well-being.

  • Clustering:
    We analyze the functions of the team and the uniqueness that differentiates our client's brand. We create specific spaces for each profile as well as spaces for collaboration. We take into account new trends (mobility / AI /upskilling...).
  • Visualization & Engagement:
    "We use proprietary questionnaires and engage with teams through Design Thinking workshops to visualize and cocreate type-espaces adapted to each cluster."
  • Design:
    After the analysis of change's process and communication strategic objectives, we defined the 3D design of the new headquarters incorporating materials, textures and furniture. We get to a real vision of what the new offices / workspaces will be. At the end of this stage we deliver a complete guidelines for execution.


(with our beloved partner W&N Media)

We are not a digital agency but we create sites that truly reveal your brand, with all its values, its character and its asperities.

  • Strategy:
    We analyse first your brand, precising its storytelling, its values, purpose and identity so that we get a clear red-thread (editorial and artistic) to be used in the design and production phases. We want to make it as vibrant and dynamic as you and your brand.
  • Design:
    With this clear guidelines we get into designing the site structure, defining contents and designing Zoning/mockup and user experience.
  • Preparation:
    We prepare the editorial and the iconographic / visual content and set everything before going into production.
  • Production:

    Once everything is validated (structure, ux & final content) we go into production: HTML / CSS web integration in Responsive Web Design in the chosen technology. First delivery on test server. Deployment on the web. Transfer of the operating system, and On-line set-up. Handling of the back office, internal training.


  • Marketing Cheshire

    Their challenge

    How might we encourage 18-25-year olds from Spain to visit Liverpool and surrounding areas for an activity packed 3-night stay during which they can experience range of attractions and offers tailored specifically to their needs and their budget?

    Our answer

    Creating a vibrant, authentic and federative brand (#Liverpoolmehacevibrar); putting instagram and youtube at the core of the activation strategy with a conscious “GenZ” visual and content viewpoint. 

  • Mister Auto

    Their challenge

    How might we reorient our business - related to one of the main industries in the world- taking into account all the cultural and behavioural changes intervening, so that we become the european leader in 5 years?

    Our answer

    Mixing classic strategic planning with economic intelligence, behavioural sciences and design thinking to identify and analyse a series of business evolution scénarios and deciding the most promising one.

  • Shiseido

    Their challenge

    How might we engage with millennials (without loosing our core-target of Xr’s) and launching a product in 5 European countries without a reliance on broadcast media?

    Our answer

    A communication and digital content strategy built on an innovative concept and on a “trendy” sport - free-ride skiing - embodied by the brand's new male spokesperson: one of the world's greatest champions of the discipline (Kevin Rolland).

  • Campings.com

    Their challenge

    How might we position our brand to become the “booking.com” of outdoor hospitality?

    Our answer

    A new brand platform based on the emotional dimensions of travelling : escape and rewards and life experience.

  • Sephora

    Their challenge

    How might we transform a 80sqm in our iconic flagship into an area with unique personality and own projection compared to the rest of the space?

    Our answer

    A branded place; a space in movement operating halfway between as a specialized magazine and as an art gallery; renovating its content each 3 or 4 months; exploring each big subject from multiple angles; bringing innovation and trends to the heart of the flagship.

  • Astello

    Their challenge

    How might we find our identity and our added value in order to put our brand on the radar in order to appeal to potential investors?

    Our answer

    Focusing on the Designer’s talent and passion and on the uniqueness of his furniture creations to build a premium brand positioning (allowing them to be purchased by a major player).