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We are an insightful, thought-provoking company.

We create Strategy, Communication and Innovative Solutions for businesses and organisations.

We create value by putting purpose at the core of our approach and at the service of client’s business and brand.

We believe a Purpose driven Brand is a performance and innovation lever.

We are a community of international and multidisciplinary experts.

The blend of cultures and knowledge makes us real citizens of the world, equipped to make sense of the complexity around us and transform it into an asset.

We do STRATEGY that solves real business problems.


  • Analyze:

    Context / Targets / Needs
  • Identify:

    Challenges / Opportunities
  • Define:

    Strategies and actions’ plans


Market Analysis, SWOT (Strengths,Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats), Process & Tasks Analysis, Trends Analysis, Competitors Landscape, Socio-Political & Economic Context Analysis, Focus Groups, Interviews, Research, Workshops, Tests, Personas’ Creation...

We translate strategy into BIG IDEAS that leverage media, technology and creativity.


  • Ideas and value:

    • Brand
    • Products & Services
    • Branded Spaces, Points of Sales, Corporate Spaces
    • Content (Live or Distributed)


Brand Platforms, Brand Identity, Brand Experiences, Brand Content, Branded Spaces, Creative & Communication Concepts, Events, Product Concept, Service Concept, Illustration Design, Graphic Design, Space Design, Websites and Mobile Communications…



  • We can plan and coordinate for you the execution of communication / marketing actions and campaigns:

    Yet when comes to execution, we partner either with your preferred  communication / advertisement agencies either with our preferred partners, expert companies that make us better.


Project Planning, Communication Plan, Project Management and Coordination

  • Yes Tech

    Thrilling tech-brand creation - #whosaidtechisboring ?
  • Agence Raoul

    Media relations French phenomenon - Editorial strategy & web site design
  • Liverpool City

    The new Oh so Good city! - Brand concept & activation campaign
  • Diez Community

    Taking the Spanish innovative business community to the highest level
  • MVB

    Minimum Viable Brand: brand early but brand right! - See our specials!
  • Campings.com

    European leader in camping holiday bookings - Brand platform & Brand migration strategy
  • Shiseido

    Iconic beauty brand - European product launch & retail integration strategy (with our French partner Charlotte & Charlotte)
  • ON5 Company

    Energy game changer - Corporate website, Art Direction, web development, Strategic consulting

we love our clients

They love us back

“Un planning stratégique à l’état de l’art ! La Colmena offre un accompagnement digne des plus grandes agences internationales.” #youguysrock
Jérôme Mercier (CEO Campings.com)

“We commissioned La Colmena to work with us on a Visit Britain programme to encourage young Spaniards to come over to Liverpool. We were very impressed with their strategic thinking and their creative solution, which was fantastic and immediately embraced by everyone on the team. They are also great to work with and just get on with the task. La Comena - me hace vibrar!”
Katrina Kerr (CEO of marketing Cheshir)

"Nous avons été très impressionnés par la capacité de la Colmena à s’emparer de notre sujet. Nous voulions un site mais étions incapables de nous définir vraiment ou même d’exprimer ce que nous voulions. la colmena a mené l’enquête, a interrogé notre communauté (Collaborateurs, clients, partenaires…) et nous a restitué une identité et une atmosphère plus vraie que nature. Leur professionnalisme et leur créativité bien sûr mais surtout leur écoute et leur sensibilité ont été un atout décisif pour nous."
Sibylle de Villeneuve (Agence Raoul)

“Il est bien compliqué de trouver une personne à qui confier les clés de la marque de son entreprise… Une personne qui connaisse le milieu, le marché, ses clients, découvrant la culture de la société elle-même, et sachant contenir le caractère trempé de son dirigeant :). La Colmena est cette personne.”
Thomas Laurentin (CEO Marton - France)

“La Colmena came to Be-Bound at a time when we were preparing to launch an entirely new technological product to an audience we had never worked with before. We were essentially starting from scratch, and they carved for us a totally fresh path that led us to success and helped us understand where we were going.”
Lindsay Scott (Head of Communications Be-Bound)

“La Colmena nous a fait découvrir les joies du travail de co-création. Ce furent quelques séances passionnantes, intenses et riches d’enseignements. Grâce à ce travail nous avons enfin réussi à valoriser notre marque et à lui conférer le statut premium que nous recherchions.”
Thierry Massant (Founder & Designer Astello)



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Audiovisual (Sunny) Storytellers

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Exhibit and Museum Scenography (and Masters of Self-Derision)

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Audiovisual Designers And Music Lovers

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Corporate Architecture And Human Centric Thinkers

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No silos.
Analytical minds, strategic minds and creative / crazy minds work together, all the time, for all kind of projects.

No “easy solution” trap.
We constantly call calling ourselves and our working methods into question. Each client is unique; so must be each mission and each solution.

Beatriz Vilchez

Founder & CEO / Strategy

I started drumming too late to become John Bonham but soon enough to have incredibly fun!

20 years’ international experience:
4 working languages (English, French, Italian, Spanish)
3 anchoring points (Brussels, Paris, Madrid).
Political Science and Sociology
Strategic planning / Branding / Design thinking WPP / BBVA Foundation / Nocom - European Commission Engie (GDF Suez) / Casino Group/ Endesa / Repsol Coca-Cola / Mr Auto PSA