la colmena

Brand. Design. Thinkers.


out-of-the-box consulting

Currently a cliché, «to think out of the box» remains a priority in a world where our landmarks are constantly transforming and where making unprecedented connections is a key capability.

community of talent

La Colmena brings together a great variety of intellectual, editorial and creative resources that constitute its expertise and mark its difference. For each project, La Colmena establishes tailored teams led by specialists from very different horizons: social and human sciences, design, communications and art, technology, engineering, economic intelligence and marketing.

a culture of design thinking

A “tool-box” rather than a single mind-set. Design Thinking helps La Colmena stay curious and human-centred; a structured approach to issues, creative thinking and co-building with clients; methodical when tracking innovation initiatives.

our interventions


Mission : analysing and decrypting business, management and communications issues from a wide range of view points in order to identify opportunities (in terms of products, services, experiences, channels, brand…).

In practice : Strategic planning and economic intelligence. In-depth analysis of social, cultural, economic and technological dynamics from a global perspective; stakeholder and risk & opportunity mapping, strategic recommendations.


Mission : in a world in which we all move easily between the virtual and the real, using profound context knowledge to design novel strategies and contents: narrative, experiential, participative and connected.

In practice : Communication and content strategy. Monitoring and listening to target audiences, challenge & resource assessment, communication strategy, brand platform and identity, narrative platform and story telling, design of communication objects (multichannel devices and content).

innovation & creativity

Mission : fostering creative thinking within the internal teams of the client; designing and leading innovation initiatives and projects.

In practice : Design Thinking and creativity. Design and activation of creativity and co-building schemes; consultancy on the implementation of internal units dedicated to innovation and creativity; activation and guidance of innovation projects through Design Thinking.

startup consultancy

Mission : advising innovative businesses in project finalization as well as in the definition of a strong brand promise and identity.

In practice : Business & Brand strategy. Business model finalization; creating and designing the brand’s platform, identity and experience.

methodology : synergy

Synergy is the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. Therefore, it integrates the idea of working collectively. From this principle, La Colmena shapes its methodology building on Design Thinking and Organizational Sense Making theories. Three main ideas: Knowledge – Combination – Collaboration.


Each issue is treated through self-demanding research and work analysis. We keep it as wide and open as possible allowing us to also explore relevant related fields. The goal is to hybridize, enrich, and even redefine the question we’re being asked to address.


Widening the exploration entails the creation of conditions that kick-start synergies: through a systemic research approach, through convergence of different expertise, cultures and backgrounds when composing a team, and immediately involving creative profiles into strategic thinking.


It’s all about using collective intelligence (within our in-house teams/with the client and its team) to challenge standardisation, surpassing the current state of things and producing unique and original alternatives.

A three-step process :



I have a challenge.

How do I tackle it ?



I identify and opportunity.

how do I transform it into an idea?



I have an idea

How do I develop it ?

Creative exploration and proposition making

From from client’s briefing, we study the issue from a variety of perspectives, we contextualize it and confront it with multiple spheres (creative and artistic included) in order to reframe the questions originally asked.

Research tracks are structured and mapped in order to build the memory of the project and encourage creativity from a wide range of hypothesis.

We analyse these results to draw a series of development axis that are presented in the form of strategic recommendations.

We sketch and pre-model the concepts.

In practice: Watch and exploration articulated around different possible matrices (etymological, humanities and social sciences, artistic, technical, economic, design…). Formation of working hypotheses (evoking conceptual contents as well as formal and practical universe – usages / technologies); mapping of main players & risk/opportunities.

Hypothesis development, experimentation and evaluation.

In-depth creative examination of hypotheses raised. Divergent exploration looking for answers in technical and financial areas. Updating players’ mappings for each hypothesis adopted.

Phase for sketching and developing formal and sensitive universe; sketches and tests/ consultation with experts, putting recommendation in their economic and social dimension.

In practice : universes of sensation, inspirational mood-boards, storyboards / videos, questionnaires, models or usage prototypes, updated existing and potential stakeholders’ patterns...

Integration and finalization.

Formal identity, precise definition and finalization; prototyping of recommendations.

Evaluation of the social viability of the recommendation (value input). Analysis is conducted from stakeholders’ point of view.

Full deployment plan, to be transmitted to client’s team.

In practice: finalized model-prototype/3d view/story-boards, videos or usage prototypes, recommendation’s descriptive folder giving complete explanation of concept, formal and visual identity, technical specifications and processes to be implemented; phased deployment plan and internal communication kit if needed.